Lady Spirit Moon
Lady Spirit Moon, NC, MH, CB, Center for Honeybee Research Ambassador. Lady is a Natural Beekeeper and educator and is presently studying Apitherapy under world-renowned Dr. Stefan Staganciu. Owner of BEe Healing Org, she creates and sells cosmetics made from hive products, healing oils, and herbal tinctures. Lady brings her corporate skills and writing talents to expand the Center's global efforts. 

  Debra Roberts      
Debra Roberts is the Vice President of the Center for Honeybee Research, a Master Beekeeper, Natural Beekeeping educator, speaker, mentor and writer.  She speaks on subjects like natural beekeeping (from nuts and bolts to the path itself); women and beekeeping; why women’s apiaries are some of the new sacred sites; why beekeeping makes us better people; and on the subject of bees and consciousness. She is Founder of The Honeybee Project (, is currently writing two books, and is producing a series of articles, all bee-ish in nature.   They will all be published by Holy Bee Press later in 2011 and 2012 (a company she birthed in 2011;

  Calvin Robinson      

Calvin is a treatment-free beekeeper who is past President of one of the largest bee clubs in NC. He is currently a member of the Board of the NCSBA (NC State Beekeepers Association) where he serves as liaison in fostering cooperation between that organization and the Center. Calvin is a prolific writer whose articles and commentaries go beyond the subject of beekeeping.


  Valeria Watson-Doost      
Valeria Watson-Doost is the Center's Secretary and is also Director of Zamani Refuge African Culture Center. Chair of the Osogbo, Nigeria Sister City committee of Asheville Sister Cities. Valeria is an artist who lives on seven wooded acres in Leicester, North Carolina with her husband Rainer, two goats, 8 chickens, a dog and cat and her bee hives.  

  Carl Chesick   Email Carl
Carl is President of the Center's Board and began beekeeping as a no-treatment beekeeper in 2003. He was assured his bees would die. They haven't. Since then the area around Asheville has seen a burgeoning interest in natural beekeeping.  He and his wife Joan operate a Certified Naturally Grown farm and apiary. Joan markets Green Goddess Farm products at WATM (West Asheville Tailgate Market).  

  Satchel Loftis      
Satchel began working with bees by lending a friend a hand lifting some supers several years back. The next season he was at the club's bee school and building top bar hives, always focusing on natural beekeeping. Satchel is also an accountant and Center Treasurer.  
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