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Organic Beekeeping Links
Yahoo Organic Beekeeping Group

Read the home page description VERY carefully. This group does not tolerate the discussion of treatment of any kind. They are very strict - but this is home of the small-cell beekeeping you may have heard about, and Dee Lusby has been doing this so long her ‘list’ pre-dates the federal government’s usurpation of the word “organic”. There are over three thousand members and an incredibly active discourse  -  settle in to sift the wealth of experience flowing through

Bush Farms

There’s not a more prolific source on the internet than Michael Bush. If you want a veritable encyclopedia of natural beekeeping methods, it can be found here. Michael has recently published "The Practical Beekeeper" - which is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble - but it can be accessed here for free.

Naturally Grown

There are no organic standards approved for honeybee management in the U.S. - but if you want to distinguish your efforts from those of treatment regimens - this grass-roots, peer-reviewed alternative is a good place to start.



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